Links to my software packages and other code repositories are also available from GitHub.

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Software packages

  • SpatialExperiment: R/Bioconductor object class for storing spatially resolved transcriptomics datasets. (Joint project with Dario Righelli and Helena L. Crowell.)

  • ggspavis: Visualization functions for spatially resolved transcriptomics data. (Joint project with Helena L. Crowell.)

  • STexampleData: Collection of spatially resolved transcriptomics datasets in SpatialExperiment Bioconductor format.

  • diffcyt: R package implementing a computational framework for differential discovery analyses in high-dimensional cytometry data.

  • HDCytoData: R package containing a number of publicly available high-dimensional cytometry benchmark datasets in Bioconductor object formats.

  • regsplice: R package implementing statistical methodology for detection of differential splicing (differential exon usage) in RNA-seq data.

Selected code repositories

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